The network “Voyages du geste”

The network Voyages du geste seeks to develop with artists exchanges of innovative practices that promote sustainable and creative relationships, in conjunction with civil societies, in a desire to democratize culture. It is a space of sharing, experimentation, free creation and learning interplay between artists trainers and young artists outside academic frame. « Voyages du geste » was created in 2000 at the initiative of the Collective Company Subito Presto / Trisunic Association (France, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur) after several european projects made in previous years in the form of broadcasting performances, educational exchanges and co-productions.
The collective company received some financial help for the creation « Voyages du geste » from « Avignon 2000, the European cultural town ». This network currently associates with belgian, french, italian, lebanese, palestinian and portuguese partners and wishes gradually to expand in other countries in the Maghreb and in the Middle East.

Our objectives :

• Conduct a research work in the practice of stage arts by organising meetings, exchanges, workshops from different disciplines and different countries of the euro-mediterranean space. These research activities aim at the training as well as the creation and unite artists trainers from each partner country and beginners artists.

• Organise workshops open to various people (educators, teachers, nursery nurses, therapists…) to respond to specific requests of each partner artist to the need in his country.

• Promote the creation of artistic events and encourage their movement within the countries of the different members of the network, in conjunction with the local population.

• Publish documents on educational and artistic research done by the members of the network.

All these actions include different disciplines, voice, F. M. Alexander Technique, puppet, dance, music and acting. They take into account both the transmission of knowledge and the quality of human relations, as part of an intercultural dialogue which applies mainly to young artists whose social, geographical or political conditions are often particularly difficult and constitute an obstacle to their development.

Thirteen years after its inception, the network demonstrates the vitality of its exchanges and the real complicity of the partners in their shared commitment to continue the journey.
To date, the network has organised seven large on-site residencies, many bi-lateral projects and internships and has allowed the broadcasting of several performances, the publication of two books and DVD on Franco-Lebanese projects.

Liste des Voyages : n°1 & 2 (France)n°3 (Sicile) n°4 & 6 (Portugal)n°5 (Belgique)n°7 (Liban).

Les partenaires Voyages du geste :

Belgique > Kaïros Danse asbl – Marie-Christine Wavreille – Space / Time

France > Collective Compagny Subito Presto – Yvon Bayer – Body and sound workshop – Lucia Carbone et Catherine Vernerie – F. M. Alexander Technique

Italie > Còrai Association – Patrizia D’Antona – L’Attore narrante

Liban > Khayal Association – Karim Dakroub – The puppeteer in action

Palestine > Al Harah Teather – Marina Barham – The artistic project development

Portugal > Propositario Azul – Maria Joao Serrao – The voice in stage