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Voyages du geste # 5 – 2008 – Chiny

27 young artists / 7 trainers
Duration : 2 weeks – july 2008

A few words about my collaboration with the international network :
« From what I observed and experienced, Voyages du geste seem to have a bigger impact on the youth than on the contributors. Difficulties arisen among the contributors forced us to revise the way we work. Then big debates arise between us during our meetings. This confrontation made the first approach of the project more interesting and leads everyone to find his own place in the adventure. We do not diverge because of the various points of view or contents but because of the reality of not being sufficiently taken into account by sponsors or people responsible of the democratic process of European citizenship. We have been fighting since 2000 to get help from the international authorities and we find it exhausting. Fortunately we keep strong thanks to the dialogue maintained between us all and to our youth who insist that this process Voyages du geste should go on for numerous years.
These words may seem a bit harsh but the will to go on is still strong. The various actions since 2000 have proved the intercultural dialogue related to a cultural event. Art allows anybody to meet the others and to discover different cultures while enhancing the value of their creativity, their ability to speak and to compare their visions of the world. »
Wavreille Marie-Christine

This project was supported by : European Comission (Youth in action), Anna Lindh Foundation, FIDEO Institut (Italie), Vaucluse County Council.

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